Dungeons & Dragon : The world of Mystoria !

The Party

Cloud Human Cleric Quarter Staff
Belegar Dwarf Ranger Throwing Axe
Tallioard Halfing Wizard Dagger
Luna Gnome Wizard Hooked Hammer
Aina Mid age Elven Fighter Whip Sword
Meldora Grandpa Halfing Paladin Scythe

Day 1
Inexperience adventurers had been hired by a mystery force across the land. They were all brought into an unfamiliar location and meet each other for the first time in the tentage. As strangers to each other, nobody had the courage to speak and introduce themselves.

Several minutes later, a man dress in peasant outfit walks in and introduced himself to thanks the Party for their contribution to help them set the world of Mystoria to a better future. He explained that his team has sensitive issues to operate openly in this region and thus they are very dependent on the party services due to unknown faces and reputation in the area.

The commander clearly explains the three quests that were available on hand and gave detail maps to find all of them.

  1. A group of goblins has been terrorizing a nearby village and our scouts have managed to locate their lair of operations.
  2. Our Team has received vital information about a Necromancer plan to revive a legendary Vampire Lord. We need your help to stake this vampire and put an end to its existence for good.
  3. There is a lost temple hidden in the forest nearby. None of our man had been able to discover a way to enter but perhaps you might be able to do so.

After a lengthy discussion and voting, the Party decided to head to the Crypt.

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